To absent friends…

You all know that when we were in high school every one of us thought we’d never get old. We never thought about riding too fast in our cars or even cutting the lights off to see how far we could go without them. When we could get some beer or whiskey, it never even crossed our minds if we would get home safe…we just never thought we wouldn’t make the trip.

In the forty plus years since graduation, a few of my classmates have gone into eternity ahead of me. That is also something that I never considered until we all began our so-called “middle-age” years. Now that those years seem to be coming and going faster than I ever thought they would, it seems that there are fewer friends from high school left than there used to be. Even though life got in the way of most of us getting together even for a visit sometimes, we still considered each other friends because most of us in the class of ’79 had come through school together.

The best part of being friends is that we can get together and begin to catch up almost where we left off. Except for those who are absent from us right now. I pray that one day there will be a great reunion in heaven. I also pray that all of you will be there. Seek Jesus and give Him your heart so that we can have a great reunion there one day soon. Thanks for all of the memories.

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