Where are You, God?

Have you ever wondered this? I have. Many times in life I have asked this in anguish and anger because of something that has happened in my life. That was before I truly gave my life and my heart to Jesus. I was blaming Him and angry with Him before I knew Him. He is not the cause of our problems but He is the Solver of those problems…every problem. He has never left His creation alone. God didn’t make the universe and then run away to the farthest corner and go to sleep.

God does not sleep or slumber. He knows what is going on in the universe and in your mind right now. That is why the Holy Spirit inhabits each Christian’s heart. So that He can teach you what you need to know and what you don’t know. God is present in your heart in the Person of the Holy Spirit and He will hear every word of prayer and He will know your needs even before you say anything!

There are times when He does put us through trials to shape us and teach us to be better than we would be if He did not. Why? Because sometimes it takes a trial for us to really learn what He is trying to teach us. There are also trials which will make us more like Jesus when we rely on Him to get through them. The early church had to go through many hard trials but it grew even more through them.

God loves each of us with a love that we cannot understand. He has loved each of us even before He said, “Let there be Light!”. How can He do that? Because He exists outside of our time and space. He can see our lives from beginning to end and for Him time doesn’t mean anything. He can still look at the Garden of Eden. He can see Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac. He can also see our time today and the events which will happen during the Tribulation which is foretold in the book of Revelation.

Please seek Him as your Savior because eternity is a very long, long time to regret a decision from this life that could’ve changed your eternal destination. Think about it.

God is always near and He will never leave you…ever!

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