The Living Word provides for you…

I wait for the Lord , my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. Psalms 130:5 KJV

Why do we need to wait for the Lord? He provides everything we need for life because if you are reading this then you are alive. So… what is missing? Do you feel that there’s an empty place in your life? For many there’s an empty place that they have been trying to fill for many years. But… they have not found the filling for that place.

Jesus is the filling and the provision for all that you truly need in this life and He is your Savior for the next life. Only by believing that He is your Savior can you receive the forgiveness and cleansing which gives you access to eternity. The theif on the cross believed and you can too. Don’t turn away from the only Savior Who can provide an eternal home which brings joy and adds no sorrow. Jesus is the light and the Way to your eternal home, trust Him for your salvation today.

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