Time passes slowly at times

During the time that most of us have now at home time does move slower than it does when we are at work. Depending upon how many people there are with you at home your time might move a little faster but I’d guess it doesn’t move very fast. Unless you really love watching reality TV or soap operas or game shows there isn’t much that is really “family friendly” on TV today. So what can we do to pass the time? Doing board games together would help pass the time for the family (Monopoly anyone?). Having a family Bible study night would also be a good idea.

Time does pass slowly during times like we are in because of the lack of movement. We aren’t running to get to school or work every day. We aren’t constantly talking to people during the day because of “social distancing”. We are a social society and when the social part is discouraged because of a virus which takes its time letting you know that you or someone else is infected. Stay safe, seek God’s Presence at home even when we can’t gather in church. He loves you and it is His power which can overcome this and all other problems.

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