The truth is found only in the Bible

There are so many “false truths” in the world today. Some are the truths which we cling to that are man-made. Some are taught to us while we are in school. Some are told from the pulpit because they sound like they came from the Bible even if they didn’t. Here is a picture which I think most Christians will agree with:

We didn’t come from animals but we do come to our right minds at the foot of the cross by confessing our sins and asking Jesus to come into our life and our heart and change us into the person that He knows we can be.

2 thoughts on “The truth is found only in the Bible

  1. So true. Thank you for the cross Jesus, for your amazing sacrifice so that I can be set free and you bridged the gap so that I can have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

  2. Nicely presented. indeed too much of falseness prevalent and it is time for many to take a stand and share the truth with boldness. I’m glad to see you take on the mantle and do your bit through this blog. Keep it going. Will be cheering you on.

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