Blessed are you when…

Jesus taught us in Matthew that we are blessed when we’re poor in spirit, because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to us when we are humble (poor in spirit). What does “poor in spirit” mean? The link that I have here is one which is through Rev.Billy Graham’s site and it is his wisdom that I defer to. God wants us to be humble in our spirits not prideful or in the same situation as the pharisees during Jesus’ time. Living in a condition of feeling superior in your faith as if you have the answers and you know more than other believers is prideful and it leads people down the wrong path in their walk with Jesus. Remember, pride is the chief sin which precedes other sins leading many down a very dangerous path.

Poor in spirit or living humbly in your faith and giving your life and the outcome to God is the way that we should live our lives as Christians. But what if you have been taught something different? At home or at church we may learn a different “truth” about the way to live our lives as Christians. So what do we do then? Seek out the answers in God’s Word. Jesus taught many times that we should depend upon Him and Him alone for our strength and for our daily walk with Him.

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