When things are going wrong…

Jesus doesn’t fail in His love for you. He is always there by your side. If you haven’t given your life to Him for your salvation He is still there but He doesn’t comfort and protect those who won’t believe in Him. If you are destined to be saved by Him you will know it because you have felt His touch in your heart. Whether you have responded faithfully to that touch is your decision, but if God has plans for your life and it involves your salvation by acceptance of Jesus as your Savior it will happen sooner or later.

Occasionally God has to get our attention in a big way in order to bring us to the point of being His child and His disciple. We may not enjoy that whack on the head or whatever it may be, but sometimes our hard heads just won’t listen until we get a wake-up call. It hurts sometimes and sometimes it involves a death in the family if you are really hard-headed about it. I know because I was pretty stubborn about hearing Him and truly listening. Jesus doesn’t fail in His mission so if you have felt His touch and you haven’t responded I encourage you to seek Him and give your life to Him soon because you don’t know when your last day may be.

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