President Trump and Jesus

I don’t usually put up a political post here but if you really think about their similarities they do have a lot in common. Granted, Jesus is the Son of the Living God, and President Trump is just a man. But as soon as they began their missions, both of them came under scrutiny and accusations from the beginning of their time doing what they came to do. Jesus because He was bringing the Kingdom of God to mankind and President Trump because he was actually trying to do what he had promised during his campaign.

Jesus was followed and watched for most of the three years that He was here doing what God told Him to do. The priests didn’t like it because He was healing people on the Sabbath and in the Temple or synagogue. The Democrats have been after our President ever since he won the election simply because he won and it ticked them off and he’s not a politician.

We should get back to the point of our country being a Republic and not a country run by crooks in Washington DC. It has been almost forty years since we had a President who was trying to run our country in the way that our constitution outlines and now we have one who is ruffling the people a bit because he is actually trying to do what he said he would do.

This is just my opinion folks. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

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