Do you share?

Jesus came to bring His message to His people. He chose men who weren’t preachers or priests but He did choose men who had the ability to tell other people in a way that they will hear and understand His message. The command which was given to the apostles before Jesus was taken up into Heaven was to go and tell everyone who would listen about this risen Savior that loves them and would like to see them accept Him as their Savior too.

Here’s a small graphic which illustrates what this kind of growth would look like if every person went out and told at least one other person and then that person told one more, then they went out and told two each until the whole world would hear.

















I know it isn’t very persuasive in its meaning, but if each of us would tell someone about what Jesus did for us and for them, God can cause that seed of faith to grow. Then when they tell someone it will bloom into two more people. Do you see where this is going? It only takes one believer to truly believe and then tell someone else about Jesus Christ and then do it again, and they will tell someone and they will tell someone, etc. Will everyone you tell go and tell someone else? Not likely, but if they only tell one person and then that person changes their life and maybe tells someone else, even if it is just one person, the message is spreading.

Why is this important? Because that is our job as believers, as Christians! We are supposed to tell others what Jesus did for us and for them…but don’t stop with just one other person. Tell anyone who will listen because it is urgent! We don’t know when Jesus will call His church home. It could be tonight or in the morning but we should be telling people right up until the time when the trumpet sounds. Maybe we will be telling someone about our Savior when we are called home. If they didn’t want to believe before we said anything, when we vanish before their very eyes they will believe! It may be a little late for them to come to Jesus but they will likely come to know Him better from that day on.

Don’t waste your time looking around on Facebook! Tell someone that you know about Jesus and about what He has done for you, because God wants as many of His children in Heaven as He can get. Amen

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