To those who are graduating…

Life at home has sometimes been challenging and hard. Trying to live up to the expectations of others and not knowing what you expect of yourself…it is confusing. But, if you have graduated from high school or even moved up into the next grade then more is expected of you. In our world today, children are asked to be more and do more than almost any generation with maybe the exception of those who chose to fight in World War 2.

This generation is looked at from the point of view of being the “Me” generation. As if everything is about me and what I have or what I want in life. In some ways that is true, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you take a good look at your life and if you are truly honest with yourself about what you do and how you live, Christian or not, most of us live our lives as if it is “about me”. The big problem is that it isn’t about you or me, it is about Jesus and whether or not you have accepted Him as your Savior.

When you go off to college many of the restrictions which we had while we were in school are taken away. We aren’t living under our parent’s roof, usually. We have a certain amount of freedom to choose our own course in life and for many people that is frightening. So, how do you cope with that kind of power over your own life? Some of us try to fill that void with drugs or alcohol or even sex, if you are brave enough or stupid enough to go that way. But the question remains: what is missing?

God placed a longing in our soul and our spirit which we can’t define or know what it is exactly until He touches you and your soul feels His touch on your life. Drugs of any kind will not fill that void, that longing for a purpose and neither will anything that we can do or buy with our money. That place which feels empty is made to be occupied by only one Person and that is Jesus Christ. Until you have truly given your heart and soul to Him and turned away from your so-called “old life”, there will always be an empty feeling which is never filled.

No amount of education will fill that space and no amount of money or fame or anything else will ever make it go away until you let Jesus into your heart and allow Him to change you into the person that He knows you were designed to be.

Pride and arrogance are not part of a Christian’s life, at least they aren’t supposed to be. Running after a perfect score on a test or an average of 4.0 in college won’t matter to your employer. Employers are looking for people who are disciplined by the experience of going to college so that they can bring that discipline to the workplace but your paycheck isn’t going to be any better if you have a 2.8 or a 4.0 average. It is your ability to learn and to do the job which employers are looking for.

Just as being a Christian requires you to obey God and follow Jesus into the rest of your life, a position at a workplace will only be yours if you follow directions and obey the rules of the job. Living with Christ as your example is something that all Christians should try to live up to. Granted, He was and is the Son of God and He didn’t have a “human nature” to fight with day in and day out, but we should strive to live like He did in many of life’s challenging moments. Seek Him out as you go through the process of going to college and don’t latch on to the secular teaching which tries to replace God or the Bible with theories and ideas.

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