Expectant prayer

This is praying while expecting God to answer. Not just because you are praying for something that you want. We are not commanded to pray for a house or a car or lots of money but we are commanded to pray and expect an answer from God which will glorify Him and bring blessings in your ministry. When you are serving God in truth and righteousness there is nothing which God won’t do for you as long as it is part of His will for your life.

Does that mean that God will give me what I want?

NO!! God is not a genie! He doesn’t have to answer your prayers at all and He won’t unless it is according to His will in your life and for His glory. God loves you and the blessings He has for us are not there to fulfill all of our hopes and dreams of wealth and riches. He will answer our prayers for healing and for those answers which will further His Kingdom and bless others as well.

God, I ask you now to bless those who are reading this with good health and an abundant ministry for Your Kingdom and glory. If there are any who are sick or who are suffering from cancer or some other terminal disease, I ask You to place your healing Hand upon them and bring health into their lives because I know that you can. Lord, our ministry here is but a small part of your Kingdom but I ask that you draw more people to yourself and your Son by expanding your Kingdom through those who visit here. I ask these things in the Holy Name of Jesus, Amen.

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