What are you?

Most of us who write these Christian blogs are or we consider ourselves to be…well, Christians. Most of us likely attend church on a fairly regular schedule and we study our Bibles but there is still a question that we need to be answered and that is: What are we? Are we really the church or do we just attend a service at church?

After Pentecost, the people who had been baptized and had believed Peter’s message had “all things in common” and no one was in need. If there was a need then it was met in whatever way was necessary. So why do most services feel like speeches about being a “good Christian” and there are needs in the community which go unmet? Is it because we don’t know how to be “the church” anymore or are we afraid of being the church?

I am not sure where we, as a group of believers, actually fall in the description of Jesus’ church. We are not perfect people. We are sinners saved by the Grace and Mercy of God through Jesus! Do we make mistakes or stumble in our lives? YES! But…we know it when we do and we confess it and ask our Father to forgive us for the fall or the stumble and then get up and keep going. Being the church is something which Jesus showed His disciples how to do and we have that example in the gospels. All we need to do is go out and live it in front of people every day, one day at a time.

Is it easy to do? I wouldn’t say it is easy, especially when you have just given your heart to Jesus. But, like everything else, it gets easier with practice and study of God’s Word and time. We don’t come up from our baptism knowing everything. We have to learn from God each step of the way, one verse at a time, then a chapter and then a book and then the rest of His Word. Then…read it again and pray about it and learn from it.

Being a Christian is a life-long process. The disciples only had three years or so with Him but they meditated on His teachings and God’s Word for the rest of their lives. So we should follow their example and do the very same thing. Be the church which Jesus wanted us to be, taking care of those in need of food and shelter but also helping them to find their Savior by showing Him to them with whatever our lives can show of our own “working out our salvation” because it is a daily process.

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