A useless life

Living a life which is unproductive and useless is easy today. All you have to do is stay at home and…well, do nothing. Life goes by and you get up and eat and drink and then you go to sleep again. What did you accomplish? Not much except breathing and living for the most part. You weren’t useful to anyone, anywhere which is exactly what the world would like for Christians to do. Just live and breathe and go through the motions of life until you finally die of age related issues or you just give up on life and quit trying to live.

What would giving up get for you? Not one thing at all. We are supposed to be useful for God’s Kingdom even if it doesn’t feel like His Kingdom here yet. So, how can we do this? There are many ways to be useful to God but what about those days that many of us have where we just don’t feel like being useful? The day goes by and there is very little which brings us joy or peace or even happiness. How can we fight something like that which we can’t see or touch but we can feel it?

Truthfully I am having one of those days today and I just don’t have the answers to the questions in my mind. I can’t feel the answers and I can’t find them either but I know there has to be some sort of answer. I just feel hopeless and helpless and life doesn’t make sense to me right now. So, I am asking for your prayers and I am reaching out to everyone who might read this. Please? Depression is an ugly beast and for some reason today it has a hold on me which won’t let go.

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2 thoughts on “A useless life

  1. Satan knows and is aware when we let him think we are weak and useless. He can only use us when we let him. We already have victory though our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. When we are at our weakest point, He is still there right by our side.
    2 Timothy 1:7

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