Father? Are you there? (Silly boy, I am always here)

I just need to talk to you. (I am listening)

My day…hasn’t gone very good today. (Why do you think that?)

Well, it just doesn’t feel quite right. It seems that most of the things which I tried to get done today took longer or just didn’t work out like I had wanted them to, you know? (Yes, I have been with you through every minute of your day, but you didn’t ask Me about any of it until things didn’t work like you thought they should)

Yes, I know and I’m sorry about that. I should’ve started my day with You and asked You to help me through the day with all of the things which I needed to do. (I’ve been telling people this for thousands of years and it seems that it takes a few missteps and scrapes before they learn to do it right)

Sometimes, I think I can do it myself, you know? (Yep, I’ve heard that same sentence thousands of times)

Father, help me to remember to include you in my day from the beginning when I wake up and all through the day until I go to sleep again. (I will gladly do that…but you have to listen to my Voice and include Me, I will not force My Presence into your life. You have to invite Me in every day, can you do that?)

I will try, Father. (In the words of another wise teacher, “try not, do or do not, there is no try”)

Father, that was a quote from Yoda in a Star Wars movie. (Well, if it makes sense to you then I use it)

Thank you, Father, for listening and being there when I need you. (I am always here, you just need to live your life like you know it well enough to feel my Presence in your life. Try not to shut Me out because when you do, I let you. That is when you feel alone.)

This is the relationship that I want to have with Jesus and His Father and the reality of it is this: it will be this way when we are there in Heaven. How wonderful will that be?

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