The divide between us…

In some ways, our country has progressed beyond the racism and bigotry of the late sixties but much of that old feeling and hatred which we should be working harder to get beyond just won’t go away. I don’t mean that we should forget our history because if you do that you will repeat the mistakes even worse. We also shouldn’t try to erase the good or the bad that was a part of our history because we are supposed to learn from BOTH!

Taking statues down, burning or hiding flags which were an ugly part of our history won’t change the history. Yes, some of you are offended at a Confederate battle flag. I am offended when I hear music so loud that it is about to rattle the screws loose on the car that it is being played in; I am offended by people walking around with the pants around their knees as some sort of statement against what exactly? But, I don’t want the Confederacy to be brought back. I don’t want the laws and stupidity which came out of our Civil War to be brought back.

People of all colors were created on this Earth by God. Our blood is red and it will give us life when we give it to others as long as its compatible. It doesn’t matter what color the skin was that the needle had to penetrate to get it!

There was a man who spoke eloquently about race and slavery and the evils of racism, from all colors of skin.  His name was Frederick Douglass. We need to realize that our Creator did not make us be racists, he made each of us unique. He meant for each of us to be equal and known by Him in this life and into eternity. It is our purpose in this life to fulfill His purpose for us regardless of our vocation in life or where we live. Whether you are poor is the spirit or lacking in money, God made you with the ability as His representative in this life

Seek Him out before the time for grace is over and done with.

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