God is good, always!

I know there will be some who scoff at this because of all the diseases and wars going on, as well as the murders and abortions and other crimes which are happening today, but truly humans can be the most horrific of God’s creation when it comes to being deprived of any remorse or compassion. Thankfully, we are not like this everywhere and all of the time, but if you look back at history from the Vietnam war on back a few hundred years I think you will see what I mean. I don’t have the history books or the quotes to add here but historically we can be pretty ruthless at times toward each other and toward our “enemies” too.

While it is true that God did not make us in this fashion, we do have the capacity to be this way. The fall in the garden brought this on and it has become progressively worse over the centuries. Even in and among Christians! If we could only pattern our daily lives to be more like Jesus rather than being controlled by our fears and our pride along with a good helping of self-righteousness!

The good news is that we CAN pattern our lives to live and be more like Jesus. By reading and studying the Bible, such as the four gospels, to begin with, our thoughts will be transformed to be more like Jesus! Truly asking God to help us to understand what His Word which came from His apostles really means for our lives. If we can read it and study it, say thirty minutes to an hour each day, then we will begin to think more like He did and we can determine His voice from our thoughts when we feel that we have “heard” from God.

Does God speak to us like this now? Yes, He does! But, if you haven’t read the Bible enough to know what His voice sounds like, you might miss it or you might give yourself a “pep talk” which, to you, sounds like God said it…but He didn’t, you did. Many mistakes in life are caused by our own minds telling us something that we want to hear and affirming it with Scripture. If you know what God’s voice sounds like from His Word, you won’t be taken in by your voice or the prompting from Satan trying to get you to do something that Jesus wouldn’t ask you to do.

Seek Him out today. The message is most powerful in this message:

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