Trials and frustrations

We all have them and yet, God loves each of us even with our trials and our weaknesses because He can use each of us regardless of how strong we think we are when we are weak. God is good and His mercies endure from generation to generation.

Our world is crumbling around us because of Satan seeking to destroy what God created, but we can come against him with Jesus as our Savior and our Champion! We are never more strong than we are when we are on our knees in prayer asking God to fight for us and give us the strength to stay true to our faith in Him!

All of you who read this, whether you believe in Him or not, seek Him out for your trials and for your every need. He will answer and He will always be there for you, no matter what you find yourself in. Pray and read His Word. Claim His promises because He always answers your prayers in faith and those promises are ours to claim in Jesus’ Name!


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