Life goes on….

I don’t know most of you who follow my blog, but I have a problem with the holidays that I need to get off my chest. So, here it is: for the most part they suck!

Why do I say that? Because of family members who are not here anymore.

I know, time is supposed to heal the wounds left by the loss of my grandfather or my mother, but honestly, it doesn’t. Time doesn’t heal anything, it makes it less painful because the years have passed and it isn’t quite as bad as it was for the first few years. But the passage of time since their passing just makes it less painful, sometimes.

The biggest problem with someone passing through your life is that the part of your heart that they occupied never heals and it is never the same. My problem and I would guess many other people have the same problem is that sometimes they leave during a holiday. Which makes that holiday hard to deal with from that point on, no matter how much time passes.

Bringing this up at Christmas is not the best thing to do, but it is therapeutic to me since my mother died on Christmas back in 1995. The days leading up to this time of year are usually a bit depressing to me, even after all of this time. Please, forgive me if this brings up some old memories for you or even a little depression. I will be praying that this doesn’t cause any of those feelings for you all at this time.

I want to thank all of you for reading these posts which I have been blessed with over the years. As I have said before, the words don’t flow from my mind. I believe that God uses me to put these words up here for you and your benefit. I get nothing from these except knowing that maybe something that I wrote might help you in your journey to know Jesus. If you need prayers, for any reason, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or request. I will make sure to pray for you even if you specify that it is an unspoken request, God knows what it is.

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