Do you have too much busyness?

In our lives, day in and day out, we are all busy in some way or another. Some of us have to work at a job every day, some of us are studying at school (college or high school), and some of us are just busy. It is this busyness which can get in the way of our family relationships and also dampen our relationship with God as well.

UsefulVesselThink about that for a minute.

Are you too busy for God? You don’t have time to give to Him or to talk to Him? Have you ever wondered why some of your projects don’t work out very well? Could it be that God wants to be a part of your life and your projects too?

Of course, He wants to be part of your life and your projects and your business!

If you have ever read the Bible, in Genesis before Adam and Eve ate from the wrong tree, God came down to the garden and walked with them in the cool of the evening. He wanted to have fellowship with His children, just as parents want to be involved in their children’s lives. So, why do you think that you don’t have time to read the Bible or meditate on His Word? Is it because you don’t have the time or you won’t make the time?

Most of us mortals won’t take the time to spend in God’s Word on a daily basis. For a while it bothers us but just as with sin, ignoring those feelings gets easier every time. After a while, you may not even notice that you haven’t read God’s Word until the next time your preacher reminds you of it. Then, what will you do? Do you decide to read the Bible for a while and try to get back into a real relationship with God? Many of us try this, especially when we make it a “New year’s resolution”, but just as with diet and exercise it gets to be too much and it gets laid aside and forgotten.

God loves you and He wants to speak to you but if you don’t read His Word regularly, how will you know His voice? If you don’t read it enough to recognize His wisdom when you hear it in your heart, then how can you apply it to your life or your business?

During the holidays particularly, we are busier than we are during any regular month. We travel to spend time with friends and family during Thanksgiving and then during Christmas and New Years too! All of those special times with family can leave you strung out and tired of the travel and weary of your obligations as well. So…what can we do about this busy time of year? Plan for it before it gets here for one and concentrate on your immediate family secondly. Why do I say this? Because your wife and children are more important than traveling all over the place to visit with people you only see once every five or ten years!

If they want to visit this year, let them make the travel plans to come to your home rather than you always going to their home. But, don’t forget your Savior in any of these celebrations. Spend time with your brothers and sisters in Christ in His house, the church. Spend time reading and learning from His wisdom which is written for you after all. God has provided all that we truly need in life and all of the extras which we have are gifts from Him as well, so why not be thankful for them every day of the year?

Don’t wait until a holiday comes along, thank God for your home and family and your health every day! After all, it is by His grace that we live and breathe!

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