Are you thankful?

In life each day we wake up to see

“Is there anything in this day for me?”

We run around checking our Facebook and Twitter,

just to see what is the matter.

But…have you ever wondered what would it hurt if we just talked face to face for a bit?

God visited Eden to be with Adam and Eve after all….at least He did before their fall.

I mean, family and friends are more than just faces and words on a web page you know. They are people and feelings and laughter galore, so shouldn’t you get some actual face time with them….just a bit more?

I mean, we don’t live long and life, as it is, can be a very tricky business these days.

Don’t turn away from your friends or family on this season of thanksgiving because they are what makes giving thanks, worth giving.

God loves each of us and we should give some of His love to those around us, whether they are in our family or not. Don’t you think?

Have a great holiday season and don’t forget what the real reason for our thanks is…our freedom to do so in whatever way we choose. Be thankful also for Jesus, Whose birthday we celebrate in about a month or so. Merry Christmas, ya’ll. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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