Should we support clergy?

If we don’t then there won’t be anyone to preach or to witness to those in our churches or on these pages. Why am I writing about being paid? Because being a pastor, whether I preach in a church or online, is my calling from God and it is written in Scripture that those who bring the Word of God are worthy of support.

I don’t believe that pastors of small churches should be earning a huge salary but it should be one which can support a family or at least be a good portion of the support for his family. God blesses those who give to the church and its ministry and He blesses the ministry itself, so why not take care of those who are bringing the Word to those who will listen?

I am not asking for much in the way of support by adding a page to donate to this ministry, but it would be a gesture toward God’s Kingdom and part of your tithe as well. I pray that you will not take this small post about support in the wrong way. Pray about your giving and if God leads you to give, then I do appreciate it and you will be blessed for it. Thank you for your support.

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