Why are people turning away?

Turning away from any religion, not just Christianity. It is happening more and more, but of course the news is silent on this because it isn’t “news”. David sought the Lord fervently, like a man thirsting for water in the desert. Even when he knew that the Lord was with him, he still sought Him out in prayer and in daily meditation. Why? What do we fail to see today that David and Moses and Abraham saw and wanted more of?

apostacyConsider it this way; today we are preached to and taught to seek Jesus for our salvation and many of us do just that when we realize that we need Him. But…what do you do with Him after you know you have Him in your heart and your salvation is secure? What then? We seem to treat Jesus and our salvation like a treasured painting, one which once in our possession, we hang it and then forget about it.

We feel that we are assured a place in Heaven by accepting Him into our lives, but what do we do then? 

Do we just sit down under the cross and wait for Him to come back? That is not what He told the disciples to do and it isn’t what we are to do with our salvation either! If you were given the greatest gift in the world, which is what you get from Jesus, would you hide it or would you tell others about this gift that they can have it too?

This is the reason why people are not religious anymore and many don’t want anything to do with the church. They see people accept Jesus as their Savior and then watch them just sit down like a spoiled child with a new toy, hanging on to it for dear life! “No!, you can’t have it, it’s mine!!” Would you want to be part of that church or that group of believers?

I wouldn’t. We are given this gift by God through grace, by the sacrifice of Jesus Who died for us. But this gift isn’t a gift which we are to keep to ourselves, we are supposed to give it away! Tell others about it! Tell them what God has done for you and how He has gotten you through trials and given you peace in all things. That is the Jesus that I want to know about!

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