Technology and society

Has anyone noticed how much our society seems to depend upon technology more and more today? Not only with cell phones and tablets but also in our cars and trucks and in our homes as well. Nearly everything is connected to the Internet in some way today…why? Do we really need this connectedness in our lives? Is it necessary?

Life was so much simpler when we just had three or maybe four TV channels to watch and no Internet bringing twenty-four hour news and junk into our lives and into our homes. Now we have cell phones with data plans so we can keep up with where our friends are or what they are doing..even if we just live across town from them!

You see people on vacation or having dinner together, but all of them are glued to their phone screens and not even looking at each other. What is wrong with that picture? If you ask a child who was born around the year 2000 that question you would likely get a quizzical expression and something like “So?” for an answer.

Nobody pays attention to each other anymore because we have too much information in our faces and in our brains. It is saturating our lives to the point of taking our senses completely out of the equation. There is no sense of self or belonging or family anymore. Rather it is expressed as #this or #that and did you see how many times that was shared on Facebook?

We have lost our sense of self and our purpose in life because of the dominance of technology in almost every aspect of life today!

If by chance someone were to set off a nuclear device in the atmosphere above America, the EMP would knock out so much of our infrastructure and services that it would kill over 90 percent of the population within three months. Even without radiation or nuclear fallout!

It would be impossible to back-up in our world today to a point where technology isn’t so pervasive but what will we do if something like the scenario above were to happen? I don’t think anyone has the answer to that and I doubt that there is a workable solution for our state of being at the moment.

The real answer lies not in technology but in our lives and our belief in God. He is the One Who gave us this technology and the ability to use it and learn from it. So why don’t we acknowledge Him in all of this technological society that we have? I believe it is because we feel that we don’t need Him anymore.

Technology cannot carry your soul into eternity because it is made by mankind, even your wedding ring and your clothes won’t go with you into eternity, but your soul will! If you belong to Jesus, believing in Him as your Savior and following Him during your time which is left. Seek Him out during your time which you have left.

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