Racism isn’t a thing!

Yes, it does happen to people, but we are the same race people! Human beings! Culturally we are all very different, even in the same town. Yes, our skin is lighter or darker depending upon your parents and your genes but God created us as mankind!

we-are-not-born-racist-people-learn-to-be-racist-6800532Racism is LEARNED! Like most everything else in life it is either learned from your parents or grandparents, sometimes it is taught to you by your “friends”. The point is that we all have the same genetic make-up. If your blood is compatible with me then I can take it and it won’t make a difference in my life except to help me live a bit longer.

It is time that we put this “race” card in the fire and burnt it! I know that many slaves were used and bought and sold in America, but many of those were white slaves from Ireland before there were any brought over from Africa. I have Irish ancestors and my first ancestor to show up in the colonies was an indentured servant or slave from England.

Should I be ticked off because of it? Why? That was in 1645 and at least six generations or more removed from my life now. Does it bother me that my ancestor came over here as a slave? A little, yes, but that has nothing to do with today. God gave us this land to be a beacon to the world and we seem to want to destroy that beacon that our country has been for over two hundred years!

For what are we destroying it? Statues and memorial parks reminding us that our country was divided over slavery at one time. There were more slaves up north than there were in the South from what the real history books tell me! While it is true that those in the South were treated more like cattle or dogs than people, that was over a century ago! Can’t we move forward from this without causing another civil war today?

This is just my rant for the day, please comment peacefully. God loves us whether we are black or brown or white or any other color, so please seek His guidance in this before it is too late.

5 thoughts on “Racism isn’t a thing!

  1. I can appreciate your rant but it’s hard to get over race when people are still being killed in the streets over skin color. Those who need your message would rather kill or die than coexist.

    The statues are only symbolic. I wouldn’t care if they remained as a visible reminder of how terrible people can be to one another. Most people of color are not ticked off by what happened centuries ago (can’t turn back time) but more so by what is happening NOW. It is not a memory we can’t let go of but rather a real (and very terrifying for some) existence that is inescapable.

    I very respectfully disagree that racism IS a thing and extremists in this country are ready to take their opinions to the next level and die or kill trying I don’t believe I have heard one far right sympathizer express sorrow for that young woman’s death. I agree with you in spirit but the hard fact remain that racism in the USA is becoming more explosive than ever. I do thank you for taking time to let your voice be heard on the matter. Silence equals acceptance.

    B Blessed! (and I do mean that in a kind way and not as southern sarcasm πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you for your kindness. I really should’ve changed the title because even though we are all of the human race, it seems that skin color causes more division in our society than anything else these days. I hope that I didn’t upset you by my rant, because even though I am white, I never have thought that the races should be divided. Even though we still are today.

      1. You didn’t upset me. I’m glad you added your voice to the conversation!
        I am hoping most people have progressed beyond outdated thinking and segregation. Yet those “squeaky wheels” are not only loud but deadly.
        Race has increasingly become a scapegoat for various socioeconomic issues. Blame gives the illusion of power to the powerless. We can pray for the best and continue trust God. A united body of Christ can dispel the darkness. Thanks posting about this issue. πŸ™‚

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