David went through this

During the time while Saul was angry at him and was trying to kill him, David was disheartened and heavy of heart. Another way of saying it would be that he was depressed. His men tried to keep his spirits up and of course prayer and seeking the Lord also helped too.

GodsHandThe thing is that nobody should go through seasons like this alone. We have families and friends but when you are depressed you feel alone even when you are in a crowd. Why? Because depression makes you feel inadequate and unloved, even when you know that you aren’t. Sometimes life itself can be depressing. News has that effect on your well-being. Reading Facebook posts can do it too.


Thinking about things which can’t be changed and wishing that you could’ve done something different can have that effect.

Live your life in this moment, today. Yesterday is already past and can’t be changed. Things which were said yesterday or even last week can’t be un-said or changed either. If they caused anyone pain at the time, then you need to ask forgiveness for it and move on. If what was said caused you pain and you reacted to it in anger then both of you should ask forgiveness for that pain.

Why? Because, the wound will never heal completely if not dealt with. Old wounds create bitterness and fester over time, especially those which were caused by something that was said. Because it can’t be taken away, neither can the pain or hurt feelings.

The Psalms were David’s way of writing his feelings and frustration down in songs of prayer to the Lord. Because he knew that the only balm which would heal those wounds only comes from God. Life is like that much of the time. Unless you live a truly blessed life and have never had any problems or difficulties, although I have never met anyone like that.

Seek help for your healing from depression or hurt in the Psalms because God hears your soul’s prayers crying to Him even when you don’t know what to pray for or even what to say. Give your problems to Him because He is the Healer of all pain and suffering.

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