Free from ?

usa-american-flag-gif-3We celebrate our nation’s freedom in a few days, specifically on July 4th. But…what about your freedom in Christ? Do you celebrate that? Can you even tell me when you became free? To be honest, I can’t give you the exact date or day that I accepted Jesus into my life. Because, I have been baptized many times in my life thinking that I had accepted Him when I had not or at least I didn’t act like it much afterward. Oh, I would go to church regularly and occasionally read my Bible..for a while. Then, I would go back to doing other things and finally drop away from walking with Him even on a weekly basis.

So, even though I am a pastor, I can’t tell you definitively when I became a child of the King. I do know that I began walking with Him more on a daily basis when my son was born, almost 18 years ago. When I realized that my son wanted to be a Christian, at the age of six, I knew that I needed to get closer to Him so that I would be a better role model for him. When I began preaching about six years ago, I began reading the whole Bible through from beginning to end at least once every year. So I have grown closer to Him over the years, but I still can’t give you a date for my salvation.

The freedom that I have in Christ is that I don’t have to remember the day or the date of my salvation because my name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life! He freed me from the life that I had been living before, even though Satan still brings depression into my life some days I have His strength to get through it. Some days it is very hard, some days it isn’t so bad, but as long as I pray and keep my faith at the front of my mind I can get through it.

I had a night or rather an evening of this spiritual warfare just last night! I felt like I wanted to die! I was angry over nothing at all, yet I kept praying for strength and protection. I don’t think my faith was very strong at the time because it took over two hours for my anger to subside and my feelings to get back to normal. Why did that happen? I have no idea. I had not been preaching at a revival, even though I attended one earlier this week. I have been thinking about having a revival at our church this summer, so maybe that is why I was attacked. Only God knows for sure.

Yes, we as Christians are free from the slavery of sin and its consequences through Jesus and His sacrifice for us, if we will believe in Him and what He did. Can we walk away from the salvation offered to us? Yes, you can if you haven’t accepted it truly and in your heart repented of the sin that you were in before, you can walk away but why would you? Unless you truly enjoy being controlled by that type of behavior and the emotional ride that it gives you, I really don’t see the attraction. Drug users and alcoholics usually are so thankful that Jesus saved them from that life until they don’t go back.

But…of course there are a few who slide back into the “life” of whatever it was they were in before and there are some who actually walk away from the Holy Spirit’s call to come to Jesus. The book of Hebrews states that “there is no sacrifice for those who trample the blood of Jesus“, the King James Version of the Bible states that this book was written by Paul and the language is certainly like his in other books. Whoever wrote it, the Holy Spirit inspired them with the words and the wisdom of God.

I pray that those of you who read my blog will come to know Jesus as your Savior, no matter what your religion or faith may be now. He is the only One who can forgive you and cleanse you of your sins so that you are welcomed into Heaven. Don’t wait, seek Him out today. Amen.john317

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