We have many proofs

Archaeology has proven much, if not all, of the Bible’s historical places and people to have existed, so why don’t more people believe the Word of God? Is it because it hurts our feelings? Could it be because of the Truth which it carries that points out our shortcomings?

I believe it is a combination of those. Why? Because, lets face it, truth hurts! Especially when it is from our Creator and we know He can’t lie to us! That is why the Bible and Christianity are hated so much in our world today. Nobody wants to hear a Truth which can’t be ignored or disproven since it comes from God.

The Bible talks about Jesus from the Promise in Genesis of the Seed of a woman all the way to the birth of Jesus and His message all through the New Testament. God knew from the beginning that we would need a Savior, which is why He came to pay the penalty for our sins, all of the world’s sins!

Those who choose not to believe those proofs in this world will see Him in fear when He comes again. Some will go to the grave and yet they will be judged by Him after their death, if they have chosen not to believe in Him. God loves all people on the Earth, but He will not force anyone to follow or believe in Him or His Son, Jesus. Love cannot be forced, neither can belief. Love is given willfully and belief comes from God’s Holy Spirit through faith in Him that gives it.

Seek Him out that you might come to know your Creator and Lord, now while it is still day and while you yet live. Because, in death you give up the right and the ability to accept and believe in Him Who can save your soul. Your fate is sealed once you die, so make sure of your belief beforehand or the proof will come to your eyes too late.

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