So much given…

Today is a day of remembrance and sorrow for many. Those of us who had family who gave their lives in the service of their country, whether it was 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor or just recently in the Middle East.

War is one of the worst small words in our collective languages. Many, if not most of them are useless and are conflicts which could’ve been avoided if we could somehow get along in politics and religious circles. The main problem is that…we just can’t. Our pride won’t allow us to get past certain things which have happened, whether it was intentional or not.

Pride is the sin which started the whole thing and it doesn’t matter which war or misunderstanding it might be! Pride separates people in families and nations and churches, Pride separates those who think that they are religious and holy from those who are following Jesus and have asked for His forgiveness, knowing that it is their pride which got them in trouble in the first place!

Pride is the sin which caused Satan to be cast out of Heaven with those who followed him.

So much has been given in sacrifice for pride and war and religion until it is the chief of sins in all of history which begins or comes before all sin. Many men and women have given their lives in wars, fighting for freedom regardless of where it takes them. Honor your Veterans, those that you know and the ones that you may not, because it was their blood and their lives which were put on the line for you and your freedom.

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