Can you see the reason for the name? The name is just because there is so much noise today. There are news stories about everything on the television, then you have news popping up on your smartphone. Then there is more news on any media channel that you are interested in. Then when you finally get around to social media, there is even more news and entertainment! Honestly, it is enough to make you want to move to a small island, and live in a grass hut for about six months or a year!

I would truly enjoy going back about thirty years or so when there were no cell phones, no Internet, no Facebook. Most of those had not even made it to the planning stage yet at that point! Of course, there also wouldn’t be a place like WordPress either or Chromebook laptops like I use all of the time.

Silence would be really wonderful, at least twice a week. No phones ringing, no TV, no traffic up and down the road. I would really enjoy being in a place which was isolated to the point of being far enough away from roads and air traffic that I could actually listen to my own heart beat. I sounds weird but I have been this way all of my life. I am hoping that I can find a place like that one day in eternity that I can enjoy for a time.

Why in the world would I want such a thing? Because it is not possible to find a place like that here on Earth today! I have always been a solitary person who likes time alone. I know I won’t be spending eternity like this, but just a place to unwind and find peace would be nice. I have heard that we won’t need a place like this in Heaven, that we won’t want or need to be alone and truly we won’t be alone ever. But, it is nice to dream about.

So much is happening in the world today until silence would truly be a blessing as long as it isn’t broken.

Why am I writing this here…now?

Because…it is needed in our world today. Jesus loves us all but many people would break the silence to tell me that He doesn’t exist or that He isn’t even real. Believe that if you wish or if you must, but when you stand before Him at your judgement what will you say to Him to justify your life and your actions here without Him? We are not good enough to be allowed into His Presence…into God’s Presence with our sins, whether they are big or small, to Him sin is the same. It is a breaking of His laws, whether it is telling a lie to a child about the existence of Santa or killing thousands of people like the followers of ISIS has done collectively.

Consider the silence of the dead. They can’t speak or listen, they cannot move or talk, but their death and the manner of it speaks volumes about the culture which allowed it to happen. We are just as guilty as those who killed them if we don’t speak up for them. In particular the children who have been murdered in the name of choice and convenience. Their voices are the loudest of all.

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