Riches in hope

Amen! Hope thou in God because nothing is as sure as He is!

Ashley Hearod

“I hope I can wing this test that I spent zero hours studying for.” “I hope I don’t gain weight from eating this pound of cheesecake.” “I hope this Beefy burrito from Taco bell isn’t a bad idea.”
Are you really hoping you don’t gain weight from eating all of that cheese cake? Or passing that test you didn’t study for? Or not waddling your way out of T-bell? Of course you would like for those things not to happen, but does that make it a hope? If we were to open up a book and look up the literal meaning of the word hope, we’d discover that to hope for something is not just a want, desire, aspiration, dream, etc. the way we typically use it.
The greek word for hope, elpis, actually means “expectation of what is certain”. To hope for something isn’t just to want something. Wanting…

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