Why Christians Aren’t Under the Law of Moses

Very well said. I applaud the time taken to bring these points forward so that the rest of us can benefit from them.

Applied Faith

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I received an email from a reader who mentioned that he was having a discussion with another reader regarding whether the Old Testament Law of Moses applies to Christians today. Two things really stood out to me, and it inspired this column. Those two things are (1) I was referred to as a “trained theologian”, and (2) I left some loose ends in a discourse on how Old Testament Mosaic Law relates to Christians in 2015.

Let’s start with the latter, first.

rules-for-christian-living-1024x613 It’s not a “rules” thing

It can be a bit murky when you start trying to figure out the “rules” of being a Christian. It’s actually a misdirected thought. Followers of Christ aren’t really following a “set of rules”. Out of love for the Lord, we obey Him. When you start looking at your relationship with Jesus as a set of rules…

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