Too many “Christians”?

A very good message, I pray that you enjoy it as I did.

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Don’t panic. I haven’t abandoned the faith. I love the brethren. Most times I even like them. The problem I have is what goes by the name Christian.

We have Christian radio and Christian TV.

Christian celebrities and celebrity “Christians”.
There are Christian businesses and Christian sporting comps.

Christian books and Christian movies…some are even suggesting we should promote Mormon Christians, Buddhist Christians and Muslim Christians and gay Christians…but so much which is heralded as Christian is …well, simply not Christian.

Many in the spirit of the post-modern age in which we live, have decided that Christian can just mean whatever they want it to mean, Thank you very much; but words have meaning or at least they are meant to have meaning. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet…but it’s awfully confusing to horticulturists.

When the early disciples of Christ adopted the self-descriptive term of Christian…

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