Quotes, from who?

Sorry. I am being lazy today and I didn’t want to rewrite this, but it is needed by our world today.

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I have noticed that some blogs include “inspirational quotes” from people from all walks of life. While this is nice and commendable, our lives can’t be based upon the words and thoughts of other people. Inspiration which comes from people who are just as flawed and helpless in many situations as we are really doesn’t help much, unless they are pointing us toward the One Who can help in all situations.

People just like us. Sure, the writings which I put up on the web are from me, but most of the wisdom that I have, came from God’s Word, not from my own thoughts. It seems odd to me that we will listen to every speaker, every writer in the world spouting all sorts of “wisdom” about things which many of them don’t have a clue about.

Many of their words actually come from other self-help books or articles…

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