A gentle invitation

We all need this.

It's a God thing...

In my lifetime I’ve experienced soaring heights and crushing lows. I’ve swum in the bluest oceans under the clearest skies. I’ve savoured conversations, food, moments. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve been hurt by friends and I’ve hurt in return. I’m unavoidably flawed; born broken and wired for sin despite efforts to convince myself otherwise. But… I am none other than a child of God, delighted in – and scandalously entitled to all the spiritual wealth possible due to simple belief in a God who changes things and people.

Even my ability to believe comes from him. I am unutterably needy. Hands outstretched, arms wide open. The gospel is simple. Come to God as you are. Exactly as you are, where you are, no matter how far you’ve wandered. No matter how many meals you’ve eaten with other gods. Our father asks us simply to come, taste his food, dine with him, and know the difference…

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