See the birds of the air?

They don’t work or build anything and yet God feeds them their food everyday. How much more worth do you have than they?

Jesus spoke these words, although in a different way since mine are paraphrased, to His disciples when He was teaching them not to worry about their needs. How much more does it apply to us today? Actually, quite a bit if you consider our lives. Yes, I know that there are those who are starving in parts of the world, even some in America, but that is not the majority of people. God does care about all of us and our daily lives too and He provides sustenance for us in some form or another, if we will expend some energy in trying to get it.

If you or someone who you know isn’t able to work, then see if you can help them with a weeks provision of groceries. The church needs to act like the church did at the beginning and provide for those who aren’t able to provide for themselves. The church is the people who sit in the pews, not just a denomination or a certain building. There won’t be a Catholic cathedral in Heaven or a Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian church either but the people who have given their hearts fully to God and have accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made for them will be there.

It is those people, that “body of Christ”, who need to get off the pews and let others see the works that James spoke about in His gospel. Yes, we who are Christians and born again into the life of Christ, we do have faith but if our faith is just so we can avoid an eternity in hell and nothing more than what good are we doing? Works of the flesh don’t save anyone, but the works that we can accomplish through faith in Jesus and because of what we have through Him can have a lasting effect on people. Jesus wouldn’t have made much impact in the world if He had not acted the same way as His message, if He had not healed those who sought healing, spiritually or physically.

The works that Jesus performed were the proof of what He was teaching and of Who He is, not who he was! He is living in the presence of God, at His right hand now and forever. He is our Savior and Redeemer and if we are redeemed by His blood, sanctified to do the works that He would do if He was here, then shouldn’t we be doing just that? God provides us our life and our living through our jobs, He provides our blessings through our family and the necessary things that we have to live our lives. Just as God provides the food for all of the animals and fish and birds and all of His creation, He provides for us every day. Shouldn’t we be grateful enough to give to those who don’t have or can’t work, just as Jesus would do?

I am not proposing that we provide EVERYTHING that they want, but clothes, food, shelter if possible can be done, can be provided in some way IF the body of Christ, the believers in Him, will decide that being in church is not enough, being THE CHURCH is what we should be doing!

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