The brevity of life

This week our community has lost two people. One died of complications due to illness likely brought on by her age, the other died in a head-on car crash. I knew them both, not well because of events in our lives that have kept us apart, but I knew them.

The lady who died in the car crash, I considered a friend because we graduated from high school together. I have not spoken to her in over ten years just because of life-issues I suppose. She lived in another city, worked there while I worked elsewhere and had to take care of my family and life. Just as we all do, living our life tends to isolate us from each other, even best friends from school who do live relatively close to each other, don’t cross each others path except on special occasions.

The lady who died from congestive heart failure is a family friend and has been for many years. We lived within five miles of each other and at one time saw each other every Sunday at church, until she got too sick to get out of her house much. The point of this is how brief life can be. In the news this week we have heard of a twelve year old who killed a teacher then turned the gun on himself, and another in a different part of the country that killed a teacher.

Both of the teachers were less than fifty years of age. The ladies which I spoke of were in their eighties and fifties respectively. Our lives are not guaranteed to be long and fruitful and in many cases lives are cut short for little or no reason in the days that we live in.

Children die of cancer before they even get started in life, mothers and fathers die in car accidents or other accidents every day, then there are the senseless killings…abortion of babies that can’t even defend themselves, people using drugs or getting off of their medication and killing people. The wars and other engagements around the world kill hundreds of people and its called “collateral damage” because they were not combatants, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, life is brief by many standards. Even when you consider that some live to be ninety or even one hundred years of age or more, it is still brief. Why do I say this? It is because even those who do live that long, usually don’t enjoy their quality of life very much after they reach sixty or seventy years of age. Even with our medical technology, the costs of taking care of your needs exceeds what society says you are worth. Now, they are talking about putting “older generation” patients on an end of life scale! What is that!!

This wouldn’t have been discussed at all thirty or forty years ago and yet it seems to be an accepted topic of discussion in the news today. Our lives are short enough as it is, without the doctors and medical staff helping it along by not providing care once you reach a certain stage in life.

The fact is that God created us with an eternal soul which carries on our life after this body dies, so in truth we should be preparing for an eternity before we die in this world! I know that there are many who don’t believe this, but the question that I always ask is this: “What if I am right?” What will you do if, after spending your life denying God and His existence, you open your eyes after this body dies and you find yourself in front of the Judgement seat with the One that you don’t believe in sitting on it? It won’t matter how long or short your life was because at that point the only question to be answered is, “Why didn’t you believe?”

Your reasons won’t make any difference. Nothing that you did in life which was generous, kind, helpful, or any version of righteousness other than that of Jesus will do you any good at all at this point. Yes, I am trying to scare you! Because the eternity that comes after a life of disbelief and rejection of God‘s grace is not a happy, loving one at all! You have placed yourself in the same camp with Satan and his demons by doing that, and nothing at that point will save you from your punishment.

If, you can bring yourself to realize that you need Jesus and will repent of your sinful ways before you die, then your eternity will look totally different. I can’t tell you how heaven looks or feels or smells, but I am sure that it would be preferable to the other alternative.


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