Beauty in Creation

Have you every noticed the sun rise? Many people don’t because they don’t wake up early enough. The problem with sleeping in is that you don’t get to see the most beautiful part of the day. Of course, there is always sunset, which depending on the weather can be just as beautiful but usually with different colors. The time in between those two, the sky is blue for the most part depending on the weather. Every time that we notice the sky, the colors and the things that we notice about it all have to do with the weather. If it is stormy in the morning or evening, then the sky is usually red and purple or a variation of those two colors. If it is about to snow or rain, then mostly what we see is the gray clouds and the haze which comes with them.

Creation is a word that is not very popular these days, mainly because it doesn’t take the “theory of evolution” into account. Why? Because it is only a theory, it can’t be proven any more thoroughly than creation can except we have God‘s Word on one and only a scientist’s theory for the other. Which one would you believe? I think that I would put more stock in what God says than what a scientist thinks, but that is just me.

We have many people in our world who can’t seem to get a handle on religion or which one they want to put their belief and their eternal destiny in. Religion is something which man created which is why there are so many different ones in the world. In the beginning, God did not create a religion. All that He wanted was mankind’s obedience and his love expressed through our thankful offerings of our first-fruits, whether it was a first lamb born or the fruit from our gardens. If it was the first crop from the vegetable garden, it was acceptable to God. Cain brought his offering in due time, his was not the first fruits which was the reason God did not accept his offering.

We have forgotten this in our culture, in this day and in this twenty-first century. We have such a instant gratification culture that no one thinks about God much anymore until they really, truly need Him! He is the Creator of all things and yet we teach our children that it was by accident that life came to this planet, through some chance encounter with a comet that had amino acids in its ice and that they congealed into proteins on their own. Nothing is created by chance or accident and this can be proven by simple experiments. Try throwing an egg, some salt, a little baking powder, some flour and some milk into a bowl and swish it around a bit then give it a little time and some heat in an oven. Will that be biscuits or bread or a cake? This accidental concoction may taste OK, but then again it may not be edible at all. Accidental creation just doesn’t work.

All of mankind is bound up in a drop of blood. All of us have red blood, whether our skin is white or black, brown or with a yellow tinge to it or some other color, darker or lighter. We are created in His image, God’s image and it doesn’t matter what color our skin is. The culture that we grow up into is the part of each of us that is hard to reconcile, not our races or at least that is what should be known. We have different views of our cultures, whether they are acceptable to each other. Racism has run rampant in our world, not just in America but in all of the world. The problem is that it is not race that is the problem, it is intolerance of the differences between cultures, between people who judge themselves better than others because of their skin color regardless of whether they are white or black or any other color.

God’s Creation is beautiful and the people that He placed in it are to, and it is time that we started acting  toward each other like He wants us to and following His rules and laws toward each other. We need to come to the realization that God created us to be stewards, to be tolerant of each other regardless of skin color or culture. We should celebrate the differences that we have while also celebrating our similarities.

13 Responses to “Beauty in Creation”

  1. I’ve seen the sun rise and set and it let’s me know that without doubt, GOD is real. Whom else could cause objects like the moon, sun, stars and sky to move around without falling to earth? Whom else could command the sea to stay in its place? Just those things alone remind me that GOD IS REAL.

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I have been writing on this blog for a few years and I have not had such a wonderful comment from anyone else. Thank you again! This proves to me that my writing is from God and that it is needed.

    • Both are gravitational constructs, and if you knew anything about cosmology you would know that planets, moons, asteroids, comets and even galaxies collide all the time. The reason the planets don’t smash into each other anymore is simply because the debris from the early solar system smashed into everything else until nothing was left in an orbit that could cause a collision. But the solar system still bears the scars of those early collisions and some more recent ones – there are impact craters on earth over 100 kilometers across, and those are just the relatively recent ones, the older ones have completely eroded away.

      Will this change your mind? Probably not.

      • “if you knew anything about cosmology”; I have been studying the planets, stars and galaxies for over thirty years as an amateur astronomer so I do know a little about this. My point in my post was the beauty of Creation itself and the way that God put it all together, whether it crashes into another body or not is not the point.

      • It is so easy for some to believe everything else but GOD. Cosmology doesn’t really impress me because no matter what, GOD has the final say. Thank you agnophilo for sharing your insight. I believe in GOD and I believe in HIS creation.

    • yess!! God is REAL and He is Talented!

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    What a beautiful reminder of our GOD and HIS awesome wonders. Keep writing.

  3. “Because it is only a theory, it can’t be proven any more thoroughly than creation can”

    That isn’t what the word theory means in science, there is also a “theory” of gravity. Theories in science explain facts. Gravity is a fact, the theory (actually theories) of gravity attempt to explain it. That life changes over time is extremely well observed and well enough understood that we can predict how viruses will change and get ahead of evolution to produce vaccines for versions of them that don’t exist yet, but will by the time the vaccine is manufactured and distributed.

    “except we have God‘s Word on one and only a scientist’s theory for the other. Which one would you believe? I think that I would put more stock in what God says than what a scientist thinks, but that is just me.”

    The bible is not “god’s word”, god did not even supposedly write it, men did. Men who claimed that god was guiding them, the same way the members of every conflicting sect today believe that god is guiding them and the same way muslims believe the koran was written by people inspired by god and the same is true of thousands of texts in thousands of religions.

    “Will that be biscuits or bread or a cake? This accidental concoction may taste OK, but then again it may not be edible at all. Accidental creation just doesn’t work.”

    How do you think all the delicious dishes we eat today were invented? Did the people who made them magically know that the ingredients and patterns of preparation would yield specific results? Or did they arrive at the recipes we have today through thousands of years of cumulative trial and error? Evolution is a cumulative process of trial and error and it observably works in nature today. Why couldn’t a god create life that can evolve?

    • Have you ever really read the Bible? There are over forty authors in it from Genesis to Revelation and all of the prophecy and writings point to Jesus and agree on every point. Show me a scientific journal which has that many in agreement! God had to have had something to do with their writing otherwise that many men couldn’t agree on anything.

  4. I just had this discussion at the coffee shop today with strangers…such a deep convo starter


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