Have you walked away?

I have worked with and talked to many people who have told me that they walked away from a church because of something. Many people won’t tell what the “something” was that cause the problem, but I doubt that it was God Himself. After my divorce years ago, I heard a sermon that was essentially attacking people who were in my place and it hurt. I thought that in church and by those who attend church, we were supposed to be supported and prayed for when we  experienced pain like that which comes in a divorce. I was proven wrong, so I did not go back for a long time.

This is how churches and congregations as well as individuals become broken and torn or pulled apart. There are hurt feelings and anger and later frustration, then the anger becomes deep and turns into something which won’t go away easily and it hinders our relationship with God.

Many people think that they will be able to worship Him just fine from home or at work or wherever they may be on Sunday morning and it is true that you can do this but what usually happens? We get started cooking breakfast and watching the morning show on Sunday morning, then the phone rings and we go to the mall. What happened?  Life, family, television, shopping, fishing, hunting, kids can all get in the way of learning about your Savior.

There are many excuses that get used when people don’t want to come to church or maybe get back into church. If there ever was a part of your life that was involved in church then you have heard the message of Christ‘s sacrifice for your salvation. Have you accepted it into your life and your heart?

If you did accept Him as your Savior and then something or someone at your home church caused you to leave then there needs to be some forgiveness. It is something that we, as humans have a hard time doing but with Jesus in your life it is possible. Following His example we are supposed to be forgiving to those who have wronged us, no matter what the slight is or was.

We can’t do it with our own strength, but through Him we can. Just as Jesus told Peter, we are supposed to forgive seven times seventy or four hundred and ninety times. It is what our Lord commanded us to do, and yet we are not able to do it on our own.

We have to decide to revive our relationship with Jesus, regardless of the hurt we received from a church-member or a pastor in time past. Even if the one who may have hurt your feelings is a family member, your relationship with Jesus is more important than this. If you have left the church or your relationship with Jesus by not attending church you are only hurting yourself.

When we are in a right relationship with Jesus and following Him daily, we should celebrate and worship with other saints at a church. Regardless of the denomination, worship is the key because of the sacrifice of our Lord and because He is worthy of our praise!

The Living Word, our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ and the Messiah came to be the way that we have to get into heaven, all that we need to do is to ask Him into our hearts or re-establish the relationship that has been on hold. If you have put Jesus on hold, He is still waiting. He never hung up, He has never nor will He leave you.

3 thoughts on “Have you walked away?

  1. We don’t attend church because we have yet to find a pastor that isn’t connected to the compromise and apostasy that is rampant in the church. The Lord has called me twice to stand up for His truth, the Bible, and it seems that those who should be encouraging all they preach to to do the same are instead offended when error is kindly pointed out. I have met more than one person who has said the same thing. It is a terrible commentary on the days that we live in.

  2. that the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all focus upon this God. In view of 9/11/2001…9/11, Abraham’s God has been seriously misunderstood by some seriously destructive groups! Judaism and Christianity each focus on their deliverance from slavery: [a] for Jews, the Exodus from 400 years enslavement in Egypt & for [b] Christians, the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross paying the price for the delivery of mankind from the enslavement to sin. However, just in the realm of Christian belief, we see some 41,000 denominations worldwide who stand variously divided by different doctrinal or theological views. Yet Jesus clarified that the KEY focus is on relationships: (1) man to God and (2) man to man. Interestingly, I do not know that Jesus ever instructed followers to go out and build churches.

    1. No, He did not tell His followers to go out and build churches. He did tell them to go and tell others about the good news which was that He had paid the price for their sins! All that anyone has to do is to decide to accept this and believe in Him and what He did or not. That is the choice that we all have.

      As far as all of those denominational divided churches are concerned, Satan has been a regular attendee of most church worship for thousands of years. He knows exactly who to push and how to get a division to happen to a church so that it will split. Once it is split, it is less effective and that is exactly what he was trying to accomplish.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you come back.

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