Life is..?

Life is…? What? Hard? Easy? Difficult? Mostly, life is all of these. Occasionally, all of them at the same time!

The wind blows, the trees sway.

The river and streams run and tumble and play,

But the rocks are still, yet they are shaped,

By wind and water too.

Life is like that as well. The things that we experience shape our lives and how we perceive life. Can we do anything about the life that we live? Sometimes, but most of the time we just live it. Is it hard to “just live it”? Not really unless you live in poverty or in an area that has been under a drought for a long time or in a war torn area of the world. Life is not easy, regardless of where you live or what you believe in.

The society and cultures that we live in, regardless of the country, shape our opinions and our lives as well as our characters. Is there any way that we can be good enough to be human and be kind to one another? Yes, we all have the capability and the moral compass within us. Whether we choose to be that person or not is our choice. We are free to choose, for good or evil, how our actions affect those around us.

Most of us would like to be liked by our colleagues, so we choose to be likeable and friendly. Others in society choose to be selfish, caring only about what is good for them as individuals and nothing for anyone else. Thankfully, those who are selfish make up a smaller portion of society, but they do get most of the media attention so we hear about them most often. I think that is why we are so fascinated by reality shows. When cameras are around, at some point the selfish person will show up when they are least expected and usually it is the person who wasn’t selfish to begin with.

We are a group of contrasts, always changing as we get older. Sometimes for better, sometimes not so much. Age doesn’t always bring wisdom, it should but life has a way of teaching you lessons that you really don’t enjoy and whether you get wisdom from these lessons or not is still up to you. We are ruled by our choices in life and in eternity. I know, many people don’t really believe that there is an eternity but it is mentioned in the Bible so I believe it exists, and it is a very long, long time!

How can we make a difference in our life and in other people’s lives now and into eternity? By living the life that we have like it is going to end tomorrow! Telling and showing others the One who came to give them life after this one! It is not a hard job, but it is one that is not very popular right now. Some of the lessons contained in God‘s Word are considered “hate speech“, bigoted, elitist views of salvation, the list goes on and on.

The point of all of this is that we only have a limited amount of time to let others know about Jesus. Our lifetime is only a small part of eternity and compared to eternity it is but a puff of smoke or mist. The message that we have is one that is very important to those who need it and will listen. If you don’t think that you need it..well, prayer is an option, searching for the answer in God’s Word is another option, but religion is not. Religion, regardless of which one it is, can get you and anyone else a place in hell quicker than anything because it is not religion that saves your soul, it is belief in Jesus‘ sacrifice for you that saves you!

Open the Word, seek the wisdom contained in it, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Then let His light shine through you to others so that they can see Him and want to know Him too. Truly God is in control, otherwise our world would’ve ended long ago. Get to know Him while you can.



4 Responses to “Life is..?”

  1. You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your website.

  2. Good post here, thanks for sharing the info.

  3. How, exactly, does God decide who is to be saved to enjoy the beautiful experiences in His new earth for all eternity and who is to die the second death in the lake of fire when He cleanses the universe of sin? There is considerable controversy in the world as to the relative importance of grace and works. Since one is saved by grace, many claim that works are not important. Others claim that works are important. Still others maintain that people were saved in Old Testament times by works and in New Testament times by grace. What is the relationship between grace and works?

    • Hello Mr. Cortez,
      Thanks for the insightful questions and comments! In my studies of God’s Word, the line is drawn between those who have asked Jesus into their heart and embraced Him in their daily lives. This is the works part because many people don’t do much seeking after they have asked Jesus into their life. We are supposed to seek, we need to seek Him because we won’t recognize His voice if we don’t learn to recognize it and that comes with reading His Word. Just like getting to know a friend, you only get to know your Savior when you spend time with Him. Christ did the “work”, all we have to do is believe in what He did and accept it, our “works” is doing what He told His disciples to do, tell others about your new life in Him and reading the Word to get to know Him.
      Your question about who goes into the lake of fire is simple, those who have not truly accepted Him or who may have been following a teaching that was not Biblical at all. How can you tell? Check the message against what Jesus taught, if He didn’t teach it, then find another church. Regarding the Old Testament salvation, they were counted as righteous by whether they believed God (had faith in Him) or not, it really wasn’t due to their works.
      I hope that this long reply cleared up some things. Thanks for reading.

      Rev. Gordon T. Eldridge

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