The most needed book in the world….the Bible

The Bible is the Word of God given to men by the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus is the manifestation in the flesh of that Word. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. How can we just ignore Him or tolerate His presence when the glory of His majesty is shown to the whole world every day and every night?

The world has been pushing God and His Word away for a long time although lately, it seems that no one is paying attention at all. I am sure that Satan enjoys seeing this because it is what he has been counting on all along. Eventually humanity will turn away from God, but God has never turned away from us.

God’s Word, the Bible, is the most inspired book in existence. It is also the only one that gives us hope and purpose and direction for our lives, but the wisdom contained within it must be followed and learned by the reader. If we won’t do that, then it is just another book on a shelf.

For the Bible to be of any real value to the one who reads it, it must actually function the way it was intended and shape how we think, feel and act as well as shaping our beliefs, our values and the truths that we teach others. If we don’t allow the wisdom of God‘s Word to penetrate our mind and our heart and to shape our character, its value is diminished to nothing. The Bible has many things to say to many people today.

It is not old, even though most of it was written over two thousand years ago.
The messages contained within it are fresh because the Word is alive and the wisdom is from God. Each person that reads the Bible gets a different message, especially if you pray for God to reveal His wisdom to you through His Word! There are many people who need what the Bible has to offer and yet some refuse to take advantage of it.

If you read the words of the Bible and notice the wisdom contained within it, much of it parallels the so-called “self-help” books which are on the best seller lists. They may use different words for modern language and reference things which a modern audience can relate to but the wisdom hasn’t changed. That wisdom came from God no matter who is getting the credit for it.

We are into being politically correct these days and the Bible was not, which is why it is attacked as much as it is. That is also the reason that Christians are ridiculed and hated as much as we are. Our faith and our religion is not an all-inclusive religion or one which allows anything but what our Lord expects in His Word. God said, “Be Holy because I am Holy”, which we can only do through the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us which we receive when we become Christians and ask Him into our lives.

That doesn’t mean that we are perfect, sinless people after becoming a Christian, far from it! We are still human and not God, nor will we become gods as some religions profess. We will rule with Christ one day, but not today, and then only if we have been faithful to Him and the calling that was placed on our lives. Give the Word of God a chance. Read it, ask questions about it, pray about it while you read it…these are the only ways that it will finally make sense and give you a sense of peace about your life and what God says in it and about you.

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