Why do we abandon our search during the holidays?

I have noticed that on the blogs that I have the testimony of God, the traffic seems to dry up around the holidays. I realize that we are more busy during this time with many things to do but the reason for our thankfulness and for the season itself is God and the Savior, Jesus Christ!

Our thankfulness and being thankful to our Creator just for giving us life and the blessing of living it is what we truly need to be celebrating during this time! Not the football games, or the turkey and dressing or eating too much, but the risen Savior who came to save us from our own nature! God loves each and every one of us more than we can imagine and He wants the best for all of us. Unfortunately, Satan, hates mankind because we are loved by God and he only wants to make our lives as miserable as he can. If that means killing us or one of our family, he will make it happen. If it means causing some illness that will cause us to question God’s purpose, he will do that too!

We are not without hope though because our Savior, Jesus Christ, has overcome Satan and made a way for each of us to come to Him with no strings attached. All we have to do is come to Him and ask that He come into our lives and our hearts. Once we believe in Him and His saving grace that has been paid for through His sacrifice, we are His! Then the fun begins!

Our changed heart and nature will cause us to want to serve Him in whatever way we are able. If we can teach, then as a teacher. If we are able to be a missionary so someone can learn of Christ through us, then that is our calling too. Whatever your job is in life, be the Christian that you are in that job so others can see Jesus in you and through your life. That is all that we are required to be is a reflection of Him! He has already done the hard part and all we have to do is let people see it in our life–see Him in our life!

Our search for meaning and purpose is not hard once we realize what we were created for and by whom we were created. He is the only one who can re-create your heart and your life from being a sinner in a sin-sick world to being an evangelist to the world. Some of you may become even greater than other well known evangelists of our time but only if you preach and teach the gospel of Christ and His crucifixion for our sins. At one time I was like Moses, I did not want to be or do anything that God was calling me to do. Especially if it had anything to do with being a teacher or a preacher!

God changed my heart and my attitude toward doing what He wanted me to do and He can give you a peace about your troubles that will enable you to be His servant as well. You have nothing to lose from giving your heart to Him and only eternity to gain. How could anyone argue against that!

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