Are you a true follower of Jesus?

I have been reading a book called “Not a fan“, and I can see that many of us are in the fan category, regardless of how long we may have been in church. Is it possible that our pastors haven’t taught the correct sermons about being a true follower or disciple of Jesus? I have included a link to the book mentioned and I hope that you may read it because it brings out many points that we need to address in our lives as followers of Christ.

Many of the people who followed Jesus around in His day were only fans because they were following Him for a healing or for food, and not for His teachings. When His teaching became a bit hard for them to take, many of them abandoned Him. There are many in churches today who are in the same place as those who were only fans of Jesus. They may have been in the church for many years, they can quote scripture chapter and verse about Him but they don’t know Him!

Is it possible that in being politically correct in our teaching, we have neglected the truth of the gospel itself? I am afraid that many pastors, me included, may have done so. I am pledging that I am no longer doing that from this point on. In our society today with all of its problems and time-crunched families we cannot be without Him!

Time, that many young people think that they have plenty of, is a precious commodity which we truly don’t have much of to spend with our families. There are many in our society today, especially school children, who have so much to do until they are feeling stress at a younger and younger age. When they are stressed, mom and dad are too. The entire family suffers because of it, but Christ came that we could live our lives more abundantly through Him.

Knowing about Jesus is easy, all you have to do is read your Bible. Christ or a representation of Him is there from Genesis to Revelation. But, knowing about Him is not enough, we must not be just fans of Jesus and His teachings we must be followers! Live for Christ daily, walk with Him, talk to Him and listen because He will speak to you too.

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