What is goin’ on in this world!?

All of the badness and craziness in the world, why is it happening? It’s not just here in America, it is everywhere. In Europe, in the Middle East, and in Africa everything has changed. The world seems to be getting darker and more violent toward anyone who is not a Muslim, why is that? Simply, it is because their so called “holy” book says to do so if they, the infidels or unbelievers in the religion of Islam.

This so-called “religion of peace” does not advocate peace with others unless they convert to Islam. If they are Christians or Jews, they are to be killed if they do not convert and if they do convert, they are still to be treated badly. Our world is changing due to their intolerance of others and because of an old rivalry which started long ago with Ishmael.

God said that Ishmael was going to be the father of many princes and he is the father of all the Arabian nations which surround Israel. And all of them hate Israel, Jews and Christians because of their religion, Islam. The problems are being caused by the differences in religions but also by Satan, who is responsible for these problems in the first place. The problems that our world faces are caused by all the sin in the world because of the influence of Satan and his demons that influence the world and the world’s “religions”.

Jesus said that this would happen and that there would be a falling away from Christianity in the latter days. It is beginning along with the other problems in the world like famines, diseases, wars, etc. If these are not enough to bring you to Christianity then read the Bible and pray! He is the only One who knows what and when these things are going to happen because He prophesied them to come to pass. It is the only true book which came from God and the Word in it is His Word.

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