Hello God, this is your creation calling

Times are getting tough on earth and life is becoming harder to handle. Where do we go? How can we be what we were meant to be and still have a life that we can be proud of? What do we do when we get to the end of our life and can see nothing good that has come from it? Our lives are too short to be of any use to anyone, maybe I should just end it and be done! These are all questions which have been asked many times and the answer to all of them is found in one person, Jesus!

God‘s Living Word, Jesus the Christ, is the only answer that is needed in our lives, in your life. Will you explore this with Him? Take a few minutes to read the Bible. It doesn’t matter where you start, just start. The New Testament is a good beginning point and it is still relevant today no matter what other “religions” say or what some so-called experts say about it.

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