Building a relationship

It seems that in the culture that we have today, people don’t seem to do this much anymore. Why? Living your life alone is something that is only enjoyable if you really don’t like anyone else except yourself. Yes, there are people who are just made this way and that is fine, but what about the rest of us? A relationship is a wonderful partnership between two people who love each other, in God’s eyes it should be between a man and a woman but today that definition will get you labeled as a “hater” or a Christian! Heaven forbid!

The generation of seventy years ago, ancient history for kids today, learned that you made do with what you had and you worked at the life that you had together. Something which we need to get back to as soon as possible. Life is not something which can be thrown away and a relationship isn’t either, but our culture is such that if it doesn’t work in the first few weeks or months then its time to get someone new. And if there is a child involved then the anger and frustration over the failed relationship is poured into that child’s life. Then the cycle will be repeated over again with somebody else and so on.

Why not decide, while you are young enough to do so, without a child to get in the picture, to ask God to show you who you are to be in a life-long relationship with? It is something that we seem to have forgotten, but God does want to know what our lives are like and He will help you in these important decisions if you will ask Him to.

Relationships begin with a foundation, just like a house, and that foundation should be your relationship with God. First, cultivate a relationship with Him, learn about Him by reading and studying the Bible, pray and ask for wisdom because He will give it to you through His Word. All of these things are the things which our grandparents and great-grandparents did, if they were Christians.Marriage - Expression of Love Christianity has not caused the problems that we have today, religion has done that.

A relationship with God is not what religion is about. You can be religious about almost anything. You can even be religious about not believing in God or religion at all. But, to build a relationship with someone who you love, you have to know love and God is love. He is the foundation that all lasting relationships are built upon. My grandparents were married for sixty years and my marriage has lasted for over twenty so far. God has blessed us with this and it is all that is needed and He can bless you too.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things will be added unto you.” In other words, put God first and everything else will fall into place, there may be some potholes and some rough spots along the way, but for the most part…things will be good.