Thank you!

Today, many people across the nation will be spending time with their family and friends in celebration of Memorial Day. Many students are taking their day off school to go to the beach, or enjoy a luxurious cruise in an exotic country far away! 🙂 (Man, I wish I was invited!)

While I believe in spending time as a family, let us not fail to reflect on the somber meaning of Memorial Day. Today, we gather to mourn the many veternans and wartime solthiers who we have lost their lives, families, and homes to war. These brave men had the courage to persevere through even the most painful trials in order to safeguard our freedom. Sadly, our country has a distorted view of freedom– A freedom that is founded on the lie that one can do as they please, and that their behavior and apathy poses no consequences. This, in turn, is borne out of the original lie that Satan told our first parents, “You shall be as God” (Genesis 3, paraphrased).

Today, let us cherish the freedom we possess as a people: To freely exercise the right to express our views through the creative art of writing, music, art, and communal protest. Let us be thankful for the ability to freely worship and learn about our Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection, who gave us the freedom to cherish the gift of eternal life that awaits the purified sinner saved by His precious blood and His unending grace, trumping over the forces of darkness, and the kingdom of Satan.


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