Where do you find “JOY!!”

Joy is a baby’s cry exclaiming that they are alive! Joy is a child chasing butterflies and laughing. Joy is the love that you find in another when God brings you together as husband and wife. Joy is seeing a puppy open its eyes and gaze in wonder at the world around them. Joy is the love that you finally find in Jesus because He knit you together and He put all of your parts together and He knows you better than anyone in the whole world.

We look for the source of this joy all during our lives. Sometimes we find it in the person that we feel is our soulmate. Then we find that they can’t fill that space because they aren’t the One that can. Many times we try to find it in our careers or our accomplishments, if there are any, but this is also false.

Jesus Our Yahweh. He is our God, our Creator, our Savior, our Yahweh and He is our joy. Cling to Him during your hard days and during your trials. Cling hard to Him during those times that you don’t understand what is happening. Stay close to Him in all of your trials and your tests and in those days that turn out to be joyous and happy…thank Him for giving you His JOY!

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