What good can I do?

When you show up to bring a sermon that God has given you to preach and no one shows up…it’s time to go home. What good is telling someone the Good News of our Savior when there is no one to hear the message?

I have heard of missionaries who have worked and struggled for years and never got a single convert to Christianity in that time. How do you keep going like this? I have prayed about it and it seems that God is saying for me to keep preaching. The only people who seem to be reading or getting any of His messages that I put out here are you good people, those who read our blog. God loves you and He does care for all of you.

Sometimes it is very frustrating though. I know that it isn’t just me or my words, because God gives me the sermons and the words that I write here. But…I am asking for your prayers and your comments because I need the encouragement right now. Thank you in advance.

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