Do you need God?

Every day that we live, people question whether or not they need God. In some way or another, whether it is by going to work at a job that we love or hate or in just the process of living through our lives, each one of us asks this question. Do I need God? Another question would be, “Does God need me?”.

The answer to both questions is “Yes!”. We need Him and He needs us. Truly, God doesn’t need us because we can do nothing in the grand scheme of things, or can we? I cannot create a star or a planet. I cannot create another human being from nothing. Yet, God needs us in a way that we don’t really understand but we can understand it up to a point. Does this make sense?

I know that I sound as if I am rambling and that does come with age but we need God because of His grace and mercy that is imparted to us because He loves us. He needs us for fellowship with Him. How can we understand this? Well, those of us who are friendly and have friends can understand how fellowship works. We like to be around our friends and to have fellowship with them.

God wants to enjoy this type of relationship with each of us as well. He is not a god who stands back from his creation and waits for us to really mess things up. He is also not one who does not care what we do or what happens to us. Jesus taught His disciples that “the Father notices when even a sparrow falls, how much more does He care for you. Aren’t you worth more than many sparrows?” (paraphrase of Matthew 10:29-31)

My point is this: God cares for each of us, not just for our fellowship but because we are His creation. We are made in the image and likeness of Him.

Do we need God? Absolutely we do! Many atheists and agnostics say that we don’t but they are trying to get away from the constraints that belief and faith in Him impose on us. They do not want to be responsible for their actions, especially to God! They want to claim that we are all animals and descended from animals and therefore we are not responsible for our actions. We only live by instinct and reason. If that is the way that we, as a species, are supposed to act then why do we care for others? Why do we care for our elders and those who are in need by being physically or mentally challenged? If we are only animals, living by instinct, then why not put them out of their misery and out of our way?


The reason that we care is because God cares for us. It is in our makeup, our spirit and our DNA. God said in the Old Testament that “I will write my laws upon their hearts.” This was written after the flood, but it applies to all of mankind. We are caring and kind because we know right from wrong, not because we are taught to be that way.

I know that there are “bad people” in the world and I will likely hear from some who say that if we are so good on the inside why doesn’t it show in the world? Because of the many evil things that are happening all over the world and even in our communities, we need to show the love of God to all mankind through our actions and by letting people know that they are His creation. Evil is in the world because Satan is in the world. The apostle John and others like Paul, wrote that we struggle with the “spirit of Antichrist” and this is not a specific person but the spirit of rebellion against God. In the future when the “son of perdition” is revealed, then this spirit will reside in one man but until that time, Satan’s forces of evil are spreading this spirit in all of the places where men are committing acts which we consider evil.

Do we need God? Yes, now more than ever before! Does He need us? Yes, He desires our fellowship, our companionship, our worship because He is worthy of it. He is worthy because of the grace and compassion that He shows us each day. Read and study with prayers asking Him to give you the wisdom to know Him and His Son, Jesus. Without Him, we have no hope. With Him, we have everything!

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