How awesome is God?

Regardless of whether you believe in Him or not, each night when you look at the night sky you can see His handiwork. Scientists say that our universe was caused by a huge explosion and not by a Creator, but who caused all of that stuff to congregate in the places that it did. I know the arguments for gravity and dark matter and all of the radiation from stars and exploding stars. But, there have been some studies that have shown that if the mass of protons and neutrons would’ve been different by only .01 percent or so, the universe wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t either.

The mind of God created all of this and whether you believe it or not doesn’t change that. He created all of this with His words, “Let there be light”. If you want an explanation for the big bang, that is it! God placed and named all of the stars in our galaxy and in all of the others too. We can see these things every night, they are evidence of something more than chance because coincidence can’t create, accidents can’t create, random collisions of atomic nuclei don’t create. God does!

I know that many scientists will not agree with this, but I doubt that many of them read my posts anyway. God had us in mind when He created all of this so that we could see the grand scale of all of it and wonder how it came to be. The answer lies in God Himself, there are many mathematical constants and other calculations which prove this and were discovered by Isaac Newton. He proved in one of his books that the math contained in the God’s Word was linked to prophecy and history. For instance, the year that the state of Israel became a nation again, 1948, is exactly the number of statute miles that it is from the center stone in London to the corner stone of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. The name of the book is “The Temple at the Center of Time“, if you want to check my facts.

There are many others contained in its pages, the math is proven and so are God’s prophecies as well as Who He is. God is awesome, and yet after He made the entire universe He decided to populate the earth with life and to “make man in Our image”. He considers us special enough that He personally created the first man, He did not use an ape as a template nor did He use any other life-form on earth. We are made in the image of God!

Our Lord and God loves us enough that the earth is at just the right distance from the sun to have a temperate climate that is friendly to life. This did not happen because of chance. It did not happen because anything “slammed into the primordial earth”, God placed the earth where He wanted it and then placed the moon and our star as well. I know the cosmologists say that the earth was not created first, but that is the order of creation in the Bible. If you don’t believe it, read it for yourself or ask Him when you come before Him, if you get the chance. Go to and you can read the passage yourself. The sun and the moon were created on the fourth day.

Give your life to Jesus and let Him show you how to live and Who to live for because your life and mine can be so much more when we are living and working for Him and Him through us.

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